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Vanguard Fast Facts

  • Founded in 1962
  • Programs throughout metropolitan Washington, DC
  • Serving adults and adolescents
  • Residential and outpatient services
  • Prevention programs
  • Diagnostic substance abuse assessment
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Family programs
  • Continuity of care from intake to treatment
  • CARF-accredited
  • Detox available at local hospital

Transitional Programs



An individual's journey from active drug or alcohol abuse into long-term recovery is a gradual process. Transitional programs help prepare clients to re-enter the world. For men and women in the early stages of recovery who have just completed a primary residential treatment program, Vanguards' five transitional programs offer a safe "next step."

Clients reside in supervised housing and begin to face responsibilities of independent living in a hopeful, supportive atmosphere. They work or attend job training or school during the day then return to the facility during the evening. Length of stay varies and is based on an individual's progress and clinical condition.

Under the guidance of skilled counselors, clients participate in groups that emphasize self-esteem, interpersonal relationships and skills necessary to sustain sobriety. Counseling complements participation ina 12-step program such as Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous.

Transitional treatment is comprehensive and includes education, social rehabilitation as well as job and interviewing skills among its supportive services. Virtually 100 percent of clients who complete the program leave with jobs and their own housing.


A staff member will set up an assessment appointment, generally within one day. Phone screening available, as appropriate.

For clients already in therapy, we work closely with the primary therapists to provide a seamless experience.

Clients are accepted regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin, or religious practice(s), insofar as program licensure allows.

We accept self pay and most major insurance carriers as well as CSB, DSS, DJJ, CSA funding.

Vanguard Works!

Vanguard has a 65 percent completion rate, exceeding the nation average.

In addition, more than 70 percent of Vanguard clients who complete treatment remain in recovery, when surveyed 90 days following graduation.

We watch our graduates change old habits to rejoin their families, jobs and communities and lead productive, fulfilling lives.


How you can help

Support from caring people like you helps us treat people in our community who are striving to make positive changes in their lives. To help, please send you tax-deductible contribution to the address above. You can also donate online in minutes by visiting our donations page.